Diet is Everything

Farmer's Market Haul!

When you have a health goal in mind, diet is everything.  It can be very difficult if you have never had to worry about what you eat.  What’s been amazing to experience for myself and clients, is that you truly are what you eat!  So it’s beyond important to focus on nutrient rich foods that will heal and fuel.  Here are Four Steps I encourage you to take:

First Step – remove the junk.  Processed foods are full of additives, preservatives and un-pronounceable ingredients.  I always like to say, if it took a Lab to make it, it’s goingto take a Lab to digest it!  Stick with foods that have 1-3 ingredients.  Yes, this may mean you will be in the kitchen more than you may be used too, but there’s nothing wrong with that!

Second Step – get comfortable in the kitchen.  You must learn to heal and nourish yourself through food.  Experiment with new recipes, be fearless.  Take a cooking class or have a friend come over to help.  Enjoy the process.

Third Step – get comfortable with REAL food (not Phood).  One of my favorite weekly trips is to my local farmer’s market in Downtown Ventura.  I swear the produce tastes better, smells better and lasts longer than produce purchased at the grocery store.  It is also less expensive!

Fourth Step – Plan to eat for the week.  This has been a real struggle for me as I’m a bit of a procrastinator.  I’ve found that I can get through the week by using 3-4 recipes I have in my arsenal. These are meals that don’t necessarily require recipe to stick too; I can deviate with what I have on hand.  Fried Rice, Roasted Vegetables, Brown Rice Pasta Dishes, B.A.S. – Big Ass Salads!  Always have cooked rice or quinoa on hand, fresh vegetables, and brown rice pasta available.  It’s easier to get excited about cooking when you have fresh food to work with.

With any change, consistency is key.  Creating habits takes time & commitment.  Add friendly reminders of encouragement on your phone.  Bring a friend on board.  And always remember, don’t take yourself too seriously – bring joy and fun into every commitment you make



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