pic meWelcome to Lisa Christine Wellness!  I’m happy you found my site & I look forward to sharing more about my health & wellness journey & Integrative Nutrition Health Coaching business.

Lisa Christine Wellness is a boutique Nutrition & Wellness company that started in 2013 serving my local community of Ventura County, California.  As my client list continued to build, I realized the need for easy & quick resources.  That’s what I hope this website provides – tips & resources that make living your healthiest life an approachable, easy & fun journey.  Eating healthy, finding time for self care & movement can be overwhelming when you don’t have the support or the tools necessary to achieve your goals.  By becoming a part of this community, you have taken a giant leap towards accomplishing these goals.

If you ever have any health questions, or would like to learn more about my Nutrition & Wellness Coaching services please send me an email over at the Contact Page of this site.

To Your Health!



Your Integrative Nutrition Health Coach & Wellness Junkie