My Menu of Services

Currently, aside from A ‘La Carte offerings, I offer 3 different programs.  Below you will find a brief description of each.  Ultimately, every program is customized to your individual needs.  Not one person has the same wellness goals as the other.  I pride myself in seeing the uniqueness in everyone’s goals & intentions.

A ‘La Carte

  • Breakthrough Session
  • One Month of Coaching (includes 2 sessions)
  • One Hour Session
  • Pantry Clean Up (2 hours of Pantry Upgrading)
  • Grocery Store Tour (You choose the store!)
  • Cooking Class (Price subject to cost of groceries & # of people)

Commitment to Wellness 6 Month Program (12 Sessions over 6 Months)

This is my signature program.  The 6 month program is for those looking to really dive deep into their health & wellness goals.  We will meet one on one every 2 weeks (either via phone/Skype or face to face) and build a strong relationship with food.

  • 6 Month Program Binder
  • 12 x 50 Minute Sessions via Phone/Skype or face to face
  • With each session you will be given a list action items tailored specifically to your Wellness goals
  • 10% Discount on any of the below add ons
  • Email / Text support (please give me 48 hours to reply)

Transformational 90 Day Intensive Program (6 Sessions over 3 months)

For those looking for a shorter commitment, the 3 month program is a great tune up or introduction to health & nutrition.  We will meet one on one every other week (either via phone/skype or face to face) to discuss your action items and goals.  Each meeting I will present new information in regards to nutrition and you will apply this knowledge to your every day life.

  •  3 Month Program Binder
  • 6 x 50 Minute Sessions via Phone/Skype or face to face
  • With each session you  will be given a list of action items tailored specifically to your Wellness goals
  • Email / Text support (please give me 48 hours to reply)
  • My commitment to your Success and Health & Wellness goals!

28 Day Jump Start to Your Best Body 

The Ultimate Reset Button!  The 28 Day Jump Start is an elimination diet that will get you on the right track, fast.  By eliminating certain foods we are sometimes able to lose those extra couple of pounds, resolve any pesky health issues, identify food sensitivities and become more empowered with our food choices.  We will meet 1-on-1 at the start of the Program & at the end of the Program.  Each week I will present new information and action items that you apply to your week.  This is an elimination diet that will require a lot of work up front on your end – prep in the kitchen, comfort levels cooking your own food, commitment & openness to changing  eating habits.

  • 28 Day Jump Start to Your Best Body Binder that will guide you through the challenge when we are not meeting face to face
  • 2 x 50 Minute Sessions, at the start of the challenge & to close out the challenge
  • 1 week of individualized meal plans
  • Recipes, Recipes, Recipes!
  • List of Resources
  • Daily email support to keep you on track
  • My commitment to your Success!

** Payment Plans always available.  I will work with you to find the best plan per your financial situation.

What People Are Saying!

“I have recently completed a 3 month nutrition and diet program with Lisa.  Lisa truly cares about your health concerns and has amazing wealth of  knowledge to adress any of your concerns big or small. I would recommend anyone in need of a health coach to Lisa’s care.   Put your trust in her and you will walk away a better person.  I would like to thank Lisa for all she did for me of which I am eternally grateful.” – Phil

“I can’t believe it’s already 6 months since I did your Paleo Challenge in Feb. I’m still Paleo (with the exception of a little dairy and beer) and have lost 25lbs to date. It’s one of the best things I ever did.”   – B. Lee
“1 month – was awesome- VERY informative since i thought i was “healthy” but really just had a lot of good foods that were really bad for me. The Paleo challenge- amazing – I am in LOVE with Paleo now! It was so much easier after the one month coaching though!” – S.
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